No description for model means common for H and J.

partgenuine #specgen. availabilityHonda comp.3rd party
drive sprocket15TY - JT
driven sprocket45TN - JT,AFAM,Sunstar

Drive chain
 530 116links

Drive sprocket
15 tooth
JT 339 15,16,17,18JT site

Driven sprocket
 45 tooth
 4 hole
 center hole 80mm
PCD 110mm
 bolt hole size 12.5mm

Honda genuine is discontinued
Similar model
CB650 37 tooth
 CB750K 48 tooth (some model may have 520 chain)

XAM A6109 45 or 48
 AFAM 10603. 46 or 48.
* The company catalogue said it is 11605(Al)/10605(Iron). But unlikely. Those have five holes.
 Sunstar N/A
 JT  JTR284JTR284
* The company catalogue said it is JTR1334. But this is unlikely.Because JTR1334 has 10 holes.
 Renthal N/A

Oil filter
15410-MM9-003 Honda
MC-560 Union
BRC-560 Excel
12497 Daytona
SF-4005 Vesrah
Monot-4005 Monotaro(made in Korea)

bolt interval 55mm
SC21 only right blue is available. All left is no longer available.

Brake Disk Rotar,Front H

Brake Disk Rotar,Front J

Brake Disk Rotar,Rear

Brake Caliper,Front H

Brake Caliper,Front J(Cylinder bore=27mm)
RC24 Kohki(bore=25mm),SC24

Brake Caliper,Rear H
RC24 Zenki is compatible

Brake Caliper,Rear J(Cylinder bore=27mm)
RC24 Kohki is compatible(bore=25mm),SC24